Monday, December 14, 2015

Kindergarten News

Kindergarten News                                                              December 14, 2015
We have a busy and exciting week ahead of us! We are getting ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus! We will talk about how God loves us so much that He sent His son for us!
Our Christmas program is on Wednesday night! It is in the Church and it starts at 7pm. Family is welcome to attend! The program will last about an hour.  Please bring your kindergartener to our classroom by 6:40.  I will be in the classroom by 6:35.  We will take a few pictures without Angel costumes, and then some with Angel gowns on! You may help your child get their gown, wings and halo on, and then you may leave.  Please come to the classroom immediately following the program to collect your kindergartener!  Wednesday morning at 10am is our dress rehearsal, you are welcome to bring family and come and watch!
Thursday is our Christmas party! We will begin about 9:15, and finish up in time for PE at 10:45.  You are welcome to attend! Thank you so much for donating all the supplies we need for food, and crafts, and games!
Friday is Pajama day!  Your child may dress in Pajamas or comfy clothes (slippers too)! We will watch a movie, eat popcorn, and play!  Students may also bring a stuffed animal to keep with them for the day. 
This week in MATH we will compare objects by weight, name a shape using shape and color and relative position, and copy AB or ABB patterns using linking cubes. 
In SPELLING and PHONICS we will add the letter Ff.  We will practice blending consonants and naming final sounds.  Look for our next decodable reader “Stan’s Pigs” to come home and Reading Practice 5. 
We will talk about Earth’s basic landforms, bodies of water and cardinal direction. 
We are on chapter five of My Father’s Dragon; the kids seem to be enjoying this fantasy story!  We are working on a lap book to go with the book.  Ask your child about the animals in the book!
If you would like to purchase a small gift for the classroom, like markers, playdough, white board markers, tape, toy or learning toy that your child likes please wrap it and label it from your child.  We will open them after our Christmas party. This is optional!!
Homework is due Friday! No memory verse this week.
I will be sending home snow clothes and rest time blankets on Friday; you may want to send a bag to help your child carry these items. 
I’m kinda hoping we get some snow to play in in 2016! Have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!
In His service,

Mrs. Chaiser and Mrs. Seaser

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