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Kindergarten News September 8, 2015

Kindergarten News                 September 8, 2015
I hope you enjoyed the long weekend! We had a great first few days of kindergarten! We have so much in store for us this year!
This week in Math we will explore colors and shapes with teddy bears and pattern blocks.  We will also practice writing our numbers 1-5. 
In Spelling and Phonics, we will learn about capital and lower case letters, vowels and consonants, how many letters there are and we will focus on the letter Ll.  We will practice naming if sounds and words are the same or different.  We will learn what it means to ECHO. 
Our Bible lesson is about how God made the world.  We will plant seeds, and talk about what living things need to survive.  We will begin learning Bible verses to go with our lessons next week.
Mrs. Seaser will begin assessing students on phonemic awareness, numbers, shapes, and letter recognition. 
We will take a tour of our school and church, play with our chapel buddies, practice our routine for fire drills, and create ART to hang in our classroom!
Homework- practice writing letters Ll, Oo, Gg.  Practice writing name.  Homework is due next Monday.  It may be turned in early.
Thank you for coming to parent night- if you have any questions- please just ask!
We are always in need of recess parents, or grandparents!! I had a few parents sign up for our special classes! Thank you! I will put together a volunteer calendar.  This week’s volunteers are:

Kristen Hardy- Tuesday-green folders 8:00-8:30
Cathy Essig- Tuesday- computer class 9:45-10:15
Nicole Gianino- Wednesday- Art class 10:30-11:00
Debi Puchalski- Friday- Library 10:00-10:30

In His service, Mrs. Chaiser and Mrs. Seaser

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