Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 13, 2015

Kindergarten News                                   April 13, 2015
Welcome back to school! We will enjoy some extra outside time now that we finally have some warm and sunny days!
He is not here; He has risen! Luke 24:6 Happy Easter!
We have visitors in our classroom! We will begin watching lady bug larva and caterpillars change and grow.  We will record what we see in our science journal.
This week in spelling and phonics we will add the letter Qq /kw/.  We will listen for the /w/ sound in sentences and introduce the letter Qq and combination /qu/. We will practice listening for the accented syllable in words.  We will divide compound words, and listen for the /kw/ sound in words.  Look for “Spin to win” in your child’s backpack this week.
In math we will continue to work with numbers up to 30.
Homework- due next Monday.
Looking ahead, we will sing at the 11:00 service on Mother’s Day! I am also planning our Zoo trip for May 13th
In His service,

Mrs. Chaiser

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