Sunday, February 2, 2014

Kindergarten News

Kindergarten News                                                               February 3, 2014
What we will do this week:
Lutheran Schools Week is this week. We will focus on our school theme. We will have special dress days next week.   Monday-crazy hair/crazy wear, Tuesday- Spirit wear (green & white) Wednesday- comfy cozy day, Thursday- throw back Thursday, Friday- One Way Jesus T-shirts and stuffed animals!
This week we will work with the letter Kk. Our next letter is Bb.   We will be practicing syllables, rhyming, and listening for the /k/ sound in words.  We will learn what quotation marks are used for and speaking bubbles or tags. 
In Math we will begin using dimes to count by 10’s.  We will estimate collections and practice counting by 10’s.  We will also create and identify ABB patterns. 
We will learn about the catch of the fish and how Jesus has many followers!
Homework- page in green folder- due next Monday. Write COLOR words 3x each.
Check out spelling for games using spelling words.  Search for my lists using my name: Beth Chaiser
Registration for first grade is happening now!!
Each year in February we have a blood drive called “Pint Size Hero’s”.  Today we will have a short assembly to learn about why we need people to give blood.  The date for the blood drive is February 11th.  I am in charge of recruiting!! Please consider donating or asking a family member to donate.  Please call me with your desired appointment time!
In His Service,
Mrs. Chaiser

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